Rouhani And Erdoğan Talk Iran Protests

Officials fromTurkish President  Erdoğan’s office said that during the telephone conversation Erdoğan stressed the importance of stability and calm, Daily Sabah reported.

Erdoğan also reiterated that Turkey back’s Rouhani’s statement in which he upheld Iranians’ right protests but urged them not to violate laws.

“In the Islamic Republic of Iran, people are free to express their criticism and protest within the framework of the law, and without a doubt, people’s security and peace is very important for us and therefore, we will not remain silent towards violence and unlawful acts,” the Iranian president’s site quoted him as saying.

Erdoğan’s office said Rouhani thanked Erdoan and told him that he hoped the protests would end “in a couple of days.”

Turkey and Iran have grown closer as they work together to try and end the conflict in Syria.

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