Samsung Electronics Smartphone Sales Rate

Samsung Electronics’ smartphone sales rate, which had been faltering due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona19), showed a rapid recovery and is expected to retake its No. 1 position in the global market this month. It has been two months since the first place in Huawei, China in April-May.

On the 26th, market research firm Strategic Analytics (SA) analyzed that Samsung Electronics smartphone shipments last month were 16.9 million units, a 47% increase compared to the previous month, showing a rapid recovery. Samsung Electronics’ Noida smartphone factory in India and other production plants that were temporarily closed are restarted, and mid- and low-priced smartphones such as the Galaxy A series are gaining market acceptance.

In April, when Samsung Electronics first ranked first in Huawei, the global market share of both companies was 21.4% (Huawei) and 19.1% (Samsung Electronics), with a gap of 2.3%. However, Samsung Electronics narrowed the gap to 0.7 percentage points last month.

It is understood that Huawei’s propaganda is because the Chinese domestic market has overcome the impact of Corona 19 relatively quickly. On the other hand, the US, Europe, and India, which are popular with Samsung smartphones, did not escape the shock of Corona 19. Some local blockades were issued, and offline stores were closed.

Samsung Electronics to launch’BTS phone’ with high online market share

Samsung Electronics showed a recovery with a dominance in the online market share. According to researcher Counterpoint Research, 17% of smartphones sold in the United States traded online in the first quarter of this year. In April, when Corona 19’s influence was strong, the proportion of online transactions increased to 33%, and one out of three smartphones was sold online.

In this situation, Samsung Electronics was the only top 5 vendor to sell smartphones with a higher online market share (37%) than the overall market share (33%). The gap with Apple (38%), the number one online market share, is only 1 percentage point.

In the second half of the year,’Galaxy S20+BTS Edition’, which was launched in collaboration with K-Popstein BTS, is also expected to launch in the world market, which is expected to affect earnings improvement. This edition recently hit an online market in the domestic market. Next month, it will be sold in over 50 countries including the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

US Huawei sanctions, Indian Chinese boycott… “Samsung’s Opportunity”
There are also observations that the global smartphone market will maintain a rather friendly atmosphere for Samsung Electronics. The strong US sanctions against Huawei continue, and the Chinese-Indian border clash has led to boycotts of Chinese-made products in India. SA also believes that global smartphone demand has passed the lows since entering the worst (69 million units) in April, and has entered a rebound.

An industry insider said, “In the third quarter, as the global economy is recovering, smartphone consumption will be alive.” It will be an opportunity to preoccupy both performance and performance.”


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