Samsung Hints at the High Resolution of the Upcoming Galaxy S11

Although Samsung has not announced any phone offers a 108-megapixel camera, but the company’s applications hinted that the sensor may be used in a phone expected from the South Korean company, of course, the company may offer this sensor in one of its flagship smartphones, the most prominent (Galaxy Galaxy S11.

The XDA-Developers site in Samsung’s camera app, which was launched with the latest beta version of the One UI 2.0 user interface, found support for 108-megapixel images. Among the beats that appeared in the application: 12,000 × 9,000 pixels, which is equal to 108,000,000 pixels, or 108 megapixels.

There is nothing in the app to confirm that the phone (Galaxy S11) will be the first phone to provide this resolution, but previous reports pointed out that Samsung is working to introduce its flagship phone expected early next year with this resolution, in addition to the possibility of optical zoom rate of 5X.

Samsung began producing 5x optical zoom cameras in May, and has launched several smartphones from Chinese companies with the technology, including the Oppo Reno and the P30. From Huawei.

Optical zoom is much better than electronic zoom. But the use of this technology makes the phone thicker, so most smartphones only optical zoom rate of 2X or 3X, similar to the phone (Galaxy S10) from Samsung, and (iPhone 11) from Apple.

According to reports, the optical zoom camera unit of the Galaxy S11 will be like a telescope, which prevents the camera from being too prominent on the back of the phone. OPPO introduced a 5x optical zoom at the MWC in 2017.