Samsung Smartphone With Quadruple Camera

Samsung announces surprisingly a Galaxy event for the 11th of October. Which devices celebrate their debut there is not yet known, but the rumor mill is running hot.

On the list of all Samsung speculation is a Galaxy smartphone with quadruple camera high up. A leak and the motto of the event “4x Fun” support this assumption.

The post of Samsung Leakers Ice Universe with “Samsung Camera Camera Camera Camera” already played in early September on an upcoming Samsung smartphone with four rear view cameras. An additional clue might be to hide in the event invitation on the Samsung S website quoted by technology blog 9to5Google: “Samsung’s new Galaxy device will allow you to express yourself more than ever Company celebrates the release of the new device with a Galaxy event on October 11, 2018. ”

In the original English text, Samsung uses the words “Capture the fun with Samsung”, with the term “capture” often used in photography to express that one has “captured” a particular mood. The wording of the invitation also indicates the subject of photography. Overall, leaks and motto and invitation text are condensed into a picture that speaks for a quadruple camera.

Galaxy event in live stream on
Samsung broadcasts the event live on the manufacturer website. From when the event starts, is not yet known. Considering that Apple’s keynote was just last Wednesday, Samsung is also strategically choosing the October event. New products would bring Samsung back into conversation shortly before the Christmas season and attract attention.

Huawei, as the Chinese manufacturer presented this year

In addition, Samsung could try to outdo Huawei, as the Chinese manufacturer presented this year, a smartphone with a triple camera. The test for the Huawei P20 Pro shows how the triple camera affects the operation. From this it may be possible to derive the first considerations for a quadruple camera for the reader.