Samsung Tops its Position as the Best-Selling Smartphone

Apple can make a lot of profits each year because of its interest in issuing smartphones with leading and distinctive features and very high prices. It does not achieve much sales, but it does achieve many Profits, which Samsung was doing until recently and then adjusted its production and marketing policies. Many Chinese companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Honor, for example, achieved a lot of sales in return for profits, so that Huawei outperforms Apple in sales, These companies are always in the phone industry But with Samsung’s decline in sales decided to adjust its policies to increase these ratios again and returned to the top of the markets again.

Today we will learn about the reasons for this decline and the rise that happened to it again, so they continued with us.

For many years, the Korean giant has been at the forefront of sales in many countries of the world, but after the emergence of many competing Chinese companies such as Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei, the equation has reversed in many markets for those companies that have been able to launch many medium and leading phones with high specifications and prices Competing with Samsung, which prompted many users to experience these phones to prove their quality and success over the years, and then began to decrease sales of Samsung gradually, especially in the markets of medium phones.

Now that Samsung has realized the crisis it has created as a result of many Chinese companies entering and surpassing various markets, especially in the medium-phone market, the South Korean giant has begun to change its policies by issuing affordable handsets and its mobile phones rebound again in 2018 The most popular phones in the Middle East market are Samsung Galaxy J6 +, Samsung Galaxy J4 + and Samsung Galaxy A7 2018.Descriptors and prices of the first phone with each other, and the top-selling in the Egyptian market so far.

Screen: The phone comes with a screen of Super AMOLED measuring 6.0 inches, and the accuracy of 1480 × 720 pixels, and the density of 274 pixels per inch, and finally it supports multi-touch technology.

Memory: The phone comes with random access memory of 3 and 4 GB (RAM), while the internal memory is 32GB and 64 GB, and can add external storage card up to 512 GB.

-Processor: The phone offers a Qualcomm MSM8917 Snapdragon 425 processor eight-core, with an Adreno 308 graphics processor.

The camera: The phone comes with an 8-megapixel front camera, plus a flash LED, and for the back camera they come with dual lenses of 13 and 5 megapixels, in addition to LED flash helps with night photography.

Battery: The phone came with a 3300 mA non-removable battery.

– Prices: Samsung Galaxy J6 + prices start from LE 2750, and you can now find its prices and compare them in a number of different countries via Yaqouta website.

* The prices of smart phones in our articles are the prices listed in the stores at the time of publication of these articles, and prices are changing up and down according to the movement of markets, and operating systems, which are listed as the latest systems that accept phones update them are the systems listed on the official sites of smart phone companies While the articles were written in it, some phones may accept upgrades for newer versions of operating systems.