Sanliurfa Citizens Celebrate the Prophet Abraham’s Place

MURATphoto-310_213Befitting its reputation as the “city of prophets,” Sanliurfa recently hosted a series of activities commemorating the prophet Abraham, known as a symbol of tolerance and generosity in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism

The seventh-annual “Meetings for the Sacred Abraham” were marked by officials and citizens with a march, concert, awards ceremony and charitable activities. The goal was to highlight what they saw as the prophet’s legacy.

Mehmet Doganturk, an elderly Sanliurfa native, joined the opening march to the city’s famous fish pond, where the prophet Abraham is believed to have been placed on a funeral pyre.

“There used to be Christians, Jews in Urfa. Abraham is the father of us all. I wish the prophet Abraham’s children who used to be in Urfa were still here,” he said.”His legacy impels us to be good people. In essence, he’s the best sign that we are one.”

Nearly 15,000 locals feasted on tirit, a local delicacy similar to boiled minced meat sauce. Reflecting the prophet’s generosity, 2.5 tonnes of meat, 500 kilogrammes of yoghurt, and 80 kilogrammes of garlic were used in the preparation.



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