Sascha Fitness Announces that she will be A Mother Again!

Sascha Fitness surprised her fans by sharing that she was nine weeks pregnant.

What news that the influencer and fitness guru just gave to her fans. Through her social networks, Sascha Barboza, better known as Sascha Fitness, announced that she is pregnant again.

“… A new stage begins, I am very happy, nervous, excited, right now I am practically a ball of emotions …”, she wrote.


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Surprise!!! And our family grew cre 🥰💕 we are very happy and excited !!! The girls don’t even tell them! ❤️Normally people wait to say it after 12 weeks, I was 9 weeks pregnant today! We think a lot about whether to tell it or not and in the end we think: why not? So I can share with you the most difficult part of pregnancy for me, which is the first trimester, they are the worst symptoms in my opinion, where there is more fear, anxiety, discomfort, and it is something that is rarely seen in networks, I know that many of you They are going through the same thing as me and in a way we accompany each other! It was the hardest pregnancy that hit me, a lot of nausea, everything disgusts me, that’s why I haven’t been able to continue cooking, the smells drive me crazy, sleepy, lazy, vomit️ And I don’t know how to pretend, that’s why when there is something so big that I hide and disappear. I also want to share my anxieties and fears for being the first trimester, I think most of us feel that way especially after a loss, so all your good vibes, blessings and prayers will be well received and appreciated !!! … so well, a new stage begins, I am very happy, nervous, excited, right now I am practically a ball of emotions😂.


All the details, in the video above.

Sascha Fitness reveals the traumatic moment she lived with her daughter Luna
Sascha is the mother of two little girls, Avril and Luna.

Before little Moon was born three and a half years ago, the influencer lost a baby. Through her YouTube channel, Sascha shared with her fans what had happened

“Losing a baby once is something very common that happens to so many women, and it is a taboo, it should not be like that because talking about it makes it easier to overcome it. Feeling that it is something common makes one not feel so lonely and sad. One in five women, which is 20%, can lose the baby before hearing the heartbeat, it is something that is a fact and they can verify it. After you hear the heartbeat that high percentage drops a lot and there is only a three to 4% risk, “she explained while thanking his followers and family for the great support.

Today, by revealing that she is nine weeks pregnant, Sascha Fitness also expressed her fears after the loss she suffered in 2016.