Segolene Royal: It is Time for A woman to be The President of France

“It is time for a woman to be president,” she said, still promising to step aside if a leftist figure was better placed than she to win.

Former 2007 presidential candidate Segolene Royal said Tuesday, December 15, that she was “ready” to run in 2022 as part of a leftist rally.

“If this proves useful, as part of a collective decision, starting with the PS, I am ready, she said in an interview with Le Parisien. I have experience of a campaign, if someone is better placed than me on the left to rally and campaign, I won’t have a problem supporting them. ”

“It is time for a woman to be president,” said Segolene Royal, who denies being “in revenge”.

The choice of “experienced figures”
“The French are vaccinated against the candidates appearing out of nowhere and adorned with all the virtues, estimated the former ambassador of the poles. I think they will choose experienced figures, as in the United States. With their qualities and their faults known and not discovered during their mandate: it is less glamorous but safer! ”

“I will not let the presidential election do anything,” she also warned.

If some on the left would rather see Anne Hidalgo wearing the colors of the left in 2022, Segolene Royal can already count on the support of her friend Luc Carvounas, mayor of Alfortville: “She is not in a personal thing, but in the accompaniment of the left. It is a strong and independent voice which also embodies a form of popular common sense. ”

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