Sending Odors Over the Phone is Possible

A team of Malaysian experts confirmed that sending odors via smart phones could someday become a reality.

Researchers from Malaysia claim that smart phone users will be able to send all kinds of odors through communication applications, using a technique called “digital smell”.

The newspaper “Daily Mail” British researchers have made “electric smell” by putting electrodes in the nose of the participants in the research.

The experiment succeeded after the electric currents stimulated the opening of the nose, which in turn stimulated nerve cells that nourish the brain with various odors.

“For example, you can have a virtual dinner with your friend online, you can see it with 3D technology and share the meal with it,” said lead researcher Adrian Schick.

“We think people will someday be able to send odors online, although it is still far away,” he said, adding that the entire process was based on “electrical stimulation.”

“It is also likely that this process may help patients recover olfactory sense if they lose it,” he added.