Sephora has Reinvented her Classic Lipstick

The iconic lipstick of Sephora Collection renews its design and is now available in a new finish and shades for 11.95 euros.
This is Sephora Rogue Lacquer, a reformulation of the iconic lipstick of Sephora Collection, the own brand of this French cosmetics company.

Classic reds, roses that are trend, mauve, brown … They are some of the tones that this line has that is distinguished by a very nice texture, close to the balms. With this renewal of a classic product “an incredibly comfortable formula was sought and finished in a totally trend”, explain from Sephora Spain. In this case “the term lacquer refers to a new finish: the lacquer effect, an easy-to-apply flux texture,” the company says.

To achieve this optimal application, the formula has been improved, “which is enriched with shea butter, vitamin E and mango seed butter” so that the sensation when taking it is pleasant and, at the same time, guarantee a long-lasting color. This lipstick also has a smell with notes of vanilla, peony or patchouli that is very pleasant to smell. Another novelty has to do with the design of its case. Now it is silver, it is faceted and its curved bar facilitates the application of the lipstick.

Sephora Rouge Lacquer is a lipstick that can be applied alone, directly on the skin of the lips, or in combination with the lipstick of the corresponding color.

This new lacquered finish comes in 20 new shades and, in addition to this line, on the website of Sephora you can find matt, satin and gloss finishes that were already part of its usual catalog. With them you can achieve, by applying an intense color and shine effect, a melting texture or a velvety effect. All can be purchased at the same price (11.95 euros) and in other 40 different shades. According to Sephora Spain, the Matte has incorporated 5 new tones to the existing ones, the Satin 13 and the Shine has 3 more colors.