Serie A, Tim Takes the Field with A Billion: Technological Partner And Pay TV for Dazn

Tim also enters the field in the Serie A TV rights match, joining Dazn. The telephone group has in fact confirmed the rumors raised by Bloomberg regarding the partnership with the streaming platform, in pole position to win the broadcast of the entire championship for the three-year period 2021/24.

An agreement that was already in the air, and that can further expand the advantage for Dazn in the race for TV rights in Serie A. Tim, explained the company in a note, “is not among the participants in the competition called by Lega Calcio for the assignment of television rights for the three-year period 2021/2024 “but” signed an agreement aimed at integrating the distribution agreement already in place, also in economic terms, conditional on the award of the tender to Dazn “.

Tim – continues the telephone group – “would therefore qualify as a reference telephone and Pay TV operator for the offer of Dazn contents in Italy as well as for the technological partnership”. According to the agreement, explained by Dazn in a letter sent to the Serie A clubs in recent days, Tim would provide support at the distribution and technological level, while at an economic level it would guarantee about a billion euros overall. The streaming platform also explains that the company’s partner “has undertaken to pay a guaranteed annual minimum amounting to over 40% of the total annual amount due to Serie A”: in essence, it could provide about 340 of the 840 million to season that Dazn offered to Serie A.

A partnership that therefore pushes the TV rights of the championship towards Dazn even more: the agreement with Tim (among other things, it is in negotiations to renew the sponsorship of 15 million a year with the League, which aims at 20 million) would not only reduce the technological risk, guaranteeing a better distribution of the matches in streaming, but also the economic one, two of the elements that had blocked the green light from the Serie A clubs.

News are thus expected in the assembly of companies scheduled for Friday, even if the impasse in the negotiations with the private equity funds (which in the meantime have created the chain of control of the holding companies between Luxembourg, Cayman and Jersey, with which they would enter the Media Company ) risks making the stalemate persist. Meanwhile, record numbers have arrived for Dazn in terms of ratings for the Milan-Inter derby, which has become the most watched match on the streaming platform with 2.2 million spectators of which over 50% only on the Dazn app (about 1 , 14 million instead on the Dazn1 channel on Sky, best game ever for 209). “During the whole game, moreover, an excellent performance of the platform with a rebuffering index below the usual average was detected, demonstrating constant improvement”, added Dazn in a note.