Shahira Amin: “How Turkish Soap Operas İmpact the Arap Woman?”


Hülya Karahan

Intellectual Association held “World Women’s Conference for Peace in Istanbul under the sponsorship Stock Exchange of Istanbul, Turkey. ” One of the participants was Shahira Amin is an Egyptian journalist, the former deputy head of Egyptian state-owned Nile TV.  Amin
told her views on the Turkish series how it impact Egyptian women


“Turkish soap operas have taken the world by storm, breaking taboos and conquering the hearts of millions of Arab women viewers.”
In Egypt, as more women face sexual harassment every day,
Arap wonen become an inspiration for women to speak out. As they watch stories such as Fatmagul and Life Goes On on the screen they realise that they are not alone and they decide to take the situation in their own hands and break their silence when face sexual harassment end raped they could go to court and look for their rights.
Across the region, from West to East, the soaps continue to provide an alternative vision of the world, where women are treated with respect and love, and the romance that seems so unreal in their situation becomes a reality.
Women from around the word attend Conference for “women for IMG_3364Peace“ in the World in Istanbul Stock Exchange On the world political, ideological, ethnic and religious differences on the common points of origin by creating a combination of everyone in the world, can live in peace and security, focusing on the theme of the congress Egyptian journalist and women’s activist Shahira Amin Summer , Nasser made a speech.
Intellectual opening speech of the Congress Association opened with Dr. Gülten Erdemsh President of Association; This congress is the of the female sensibility, women want to explain the intricacies of contributing to peace, ” she said.IMG_3268
The first session was held under the title.; “The Role of Women in Turkey, What’s Changed, What commutative” Session Chairman Dr. KAGİDER. Güler Turktan, the Felicity Party General Executive Board Member Elif Erbakan, Compass Training and Consulting FounderMembers Dr. Sema Süvarioğlu, journalist, author and member of the Board of Wise People Fadime Özkan , CHP Istanbul deputy Faik Tunay Batman and AK Party deputy Mehmet Emin Batman Mayor candidate made speech.IMG_3441

In the second session of Congress the ” what Arab Spring will mean to women” issue was discussed.Council session was moderated by Mrs. Zuhal Mansfield African and Turkish Vice Chairwoman of the Foreign Economic Relations Board and Turkish Egypt Business Relations Chairwoman and Egyptian journalist Shahira Amin, Yemeni activist Nasser Summer and the Chief Advisor to the Deputy Director General Dr. Banu Bronze Star and sociologists – Political Scientist Zeynep Banu Dalaman also made a speech.


After the session’s Peace Prize was presented to the participants by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu wife Sare DavutogluIMG_3332