Shorten Electric Charging Time Introduced by Gogoro

In order to shorten the charging time, which is a problem of the spread of electric vehicles and electric motorbikes, a new mechanism to exchange the entire battery is drawing attention among manufacturers.

A mechanism called “battery interchange type” that exchanges the batteries installed in the vehicle in its entirety was introduced by Taiwan‘s newly-built bike maker “Gogoro” and gained popularity.

This mechanism is to set up a station equipped with charged batteries in the town, the driver will pay the price and exchange the batteries with less remaining capacity, the work can be completed in about several minutes.

For Japanese manufacturers, Nissan Motor has sold a battery-replaceable electric vehicle two years ago, in collaboration with a venture company that develops stations that can exchange batteries in China.

In addition, Honda and Panasonic jointly developed a battery-exchanged electric motorcycle, and in December we will conduct a demonstration experiment in Indonesia. We are setting up stations in dozens of Indonesia and deciding to investigate for practical use.

In addition, Toyota Motor Corporation is also considering introduction, attention is being paid to battery replacement type among makers in order to shorten the waiting time of charging which is a subject of popularization of electric vehicles and electric motorbikes.