SKBerge and Eljuri Work on an Agreement to Sell Hyundai in Colombia

The objective is to reinforce its presence in the country and its commitment to the growth of the brand.

KBerge, a joint venture between Berge Automocion and Sigdo Koppers for the automotive business in Latin America, and the Eljuri group, are working on a partnership agreement for the distribution of Hyundai automobiles in Colombia, with the aim of strengthening their presence in the country and their bets on the growth of the brand.

Once said agreement is concluded and the Colombian regulation for this type of transactions is complied with, including the government authorizations that are required, SKBerge and the Eljuri group will focus their efforts on the continuity and strengthening of the distribution network, counting for this end with the current team of the brand in the country, the experience and the leadership of SKBerge.

All this, with the aim of promoting the manufacturer’s ambitious launch plan, which includes new models of hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids, electric and hydrogen fuel cells.

With the future incorporation of Hyundai to SKBerge‘s portfolio in Colombia, the group plans to reach a 10% market share, where it began operating in 2010 with the acquisition of Chrysler Colombia and since then maintaining a growth strategy in the country. materialized in the representation of new brands.

For its part, the Eljuri Group, through Neohyundai Colombia, has been marketing Hyundai in recent years, focusing its efforts on building a solid foundation for the future development of the brand.

This alliance is part of the Eljuri Group‘s strategy to strengthen its presence in the region and project its sustainable development in several countries for the coming years.