Smart Farm And New Renewable Energy Supply Business With Green Labs

Solar Connect, an energy information technology (IT) platform company, announced on the 9th that it has signed a business agreement for smart farm and new renewable energy supply business with Green Labs, a startup that operates smart farm business.

The two companies plan to run a resident participatory project in which farmers invest their shares in the smart farm and solar power generation business. This way, in addition to the sales of agricultural crops, farmers can also earn additional profits through solar power generation.

Green Labs is providing’Farm Morning’, a service that controls the growing environment of farms with a smartphone by applying government technology (IT) to agriculture. Solar Connect is an energy IT company that provides integrated services for the entire solar power generation business.

The two companies plan to cooperate in supplying smart farms and solar power plants to farms and promote related service development. Shin Sang-hoon, CEO of Green Labs, emphasized, “We will cooperate in developing future agricultural business with Solar Connect, a leading energy company in Korea.” Young-ho Lee, CEO of Solar Connect, said, “Renewable energy and agriculture are a particularly important field for changing ecosystems,” and expected that “we will be able to create a new business model that can take the lead in spreading new and renewable energy and spreading smart farms.” .

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