So far the Earnings Reports of U.S. Stock Companies have Performed Strongly

Some large listed companies in the United States will announce their financial reports this week, and more than one-third of the S&P 500 constituents will announce performance data and financial forecasts for the rest of this year within the next five days, including Boeing (238.38, 4.05, 1.73%) , Ford, Caterpillar (230.11, 2.25, 0.99%) and other giants. For investors, this will be the key to judging the financial health of American companies.

So far, the earnings reports of U.S. stock companies have performed strongly. Among the quarterly data that have been released, 86% of companies’ performance has exceeded analyst expectations. According to estimated data, in the first quarter, the profits of US stock companies are expected to increase by 33.9%, and revenue may surge by about 10%.

In the next week, we will focus on the following three technology giants in the future. Their earnings may help clarify whether they are still benefiting from the surge in demand driven by the epidemic. It is this surge that has driven their share prices in recent times. Set a new high in the past few months.

1, Microsoft

One of Wall Street’s technology darlings, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), will announce its earnings for the third quarter of fiscal 2021 after the US stock market on Tuesday, April 27. According to analysts’ consensus forecasts, the software and cloud computing giant is expected to report earnings of $1.78 per share and sales of $41.04 billion.

MSFT Weekly Chart MSFT Weekly Chart
Judging from previous experience, thanks to the surge in technology investment and the strong lineup of cloud computing and office core products, Microsoft should show a strong momentum of development. Moreover, as people work from home and socialize, the market is more concerned about network connectivity. Demand is also increasing, and Microsoft has also benefited from it.

In addition, investors also expect that companies and governments will continue to invest in the transition to cloud computing, which is also a key area for Microsoft’s expansion in recent years. In the most recent quarter, the department’s performance increased by 50% because during the epidemic, corporate customers accelerated their shift to cloud computing, where they could store data and run applications over the Internet.

So far this year, Microsoft has risen 17% and closed at $261.15 last Friday.

2, apple

As a manufacturer of popular iPhones, computers and wearable devices, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) intends to announce its earnings for the second quarter of fiscal 2021 after the market closes on Wednesday, April 28. Analysts expect earnings per share of 0.98 US dollars and sales of 76.71 billion US dollars.

AAPL Weekly ChartAAPL Weekly Chart
Due to the uncertainty of the new iPhone sales, Apple’s stock price has been lagging this year. After its flagship product has experienced a period of slow growth, Apple is on the verge of another super growth cycle, and its newly launched 5G mobile phone models have promoted this growth cycle.

According to some optimistic predictions, as millions of existing users may upgrade aging smartphones, iPhone 12 will trigger a record sales boom, similar to the situation when the first large-screen iPhone was launched in 2014. However, following a surge of 80% in 2020, Apple’s stock price has hardly changed this year. The stock closed at $134.32 last Friday.

3, Amazon

E-commerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is scheduled to announce its financial report after the market on Thursday, April 29. The market generally believes that as the world’s most valuable e-commerce company, its sales this quarter is expected to reach 104.49 billion U.S. dollars, and the profit per share is expected to be 9.49 U.S. dollars.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in March last year, Amazon’s sales have been soaring as people increasingly stay at home and make online purchases. This is why Amazon’s stock price rebounded strongly after its plunge in early March last year.

The stock closed at 3,340.88 US dollars last Friday. It has risen by about 6% in the past month. If the stock price falls due to a negative surprise, it should provide an ideal (20.6, 0.56, 2.79%) buying opportunity.