Social Media is No Longer Possible to “Electoral Games”

Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that India has taken seriously the issues related to misuse of social media platforms.

He said that such platforms will not be allowed to influence the electoral process.

Prasad said that the purity of the democratic process can not be compromised and India promises that if anyone tries to influence the elections in the country, then it will be recognized and punished. Prasad was addressing the full session of the annual ministerial meeting on the G-20 digital economy in, Argentina. According to an official release issued here, Prasad said at theConference that India has taken seriously the news of misuse of data on social media platform / information. In this way the platform will not be allowed to influence the electoral process in any way.

He said that in the case of abuse in India, the social media platform has been monitored for the past few months and the government has taken a firm resolve to take strict action against the misuse of social media platform. In fact, the Central Investigation Agency CBI has initiated an initial investigation against the British political consultant Cambridge Analyca. Cambridge analytics has alleged that it collected data from Facebook users without their approval. The IT Minister said that the borderless nature of the cyber world has created unlimited potential in trade and commerce. He cautioned that the wrong use of the internet is a reality and there is a need for concerted action to counter this. He assured that India is taking all possible steps to secure cyberspace. The government will take strict action to deal with cases of cyber crime and cyber threats.

Referring to India’s concerns on data security and personal privacy, Prasad said that privatization can not stop innovation and can become a shield for corrupt people and intestines. They should invest a portion of the income from companies to the Sosal Media Network in the same country where the income has come from. He said that there is no barrier of boundaries in the Internet world, and this can create huge potential for trade and commerce, but by ensuring that the cyber world is secured and protected, the real benefit of the digitization of the global economy can be ensured. He said that it is a reality that wrong works are being done through internet. Need to compete together with this.