Sony, Right-and-Left Independent Earphone

F-SP900 is a left-and-right independent wireless earphone. In addition to the waterproof and dustproof performance equivalent to IP68, it adopts a corrosion resistant terminal and says it can be used in sea water.

In addition to being able to be used by connecting with a smartphone or a music player via Bluetooth, music can be played by itself by storing music in 4GB internal memory.

As a function that you can listen to music while paying attention to the surrounding situation, such as during running, it corresponds to “ambient sound mode” which can capture surrounding sounds and voices even while wearing it. Using a dedicated application, you can switch ambient sound mode, set equalizer, check songs saved in built-in memory from smartphone.

The communication method supports Bluetooth 4.0. Supported codecs are SBC, AAC. Up to 3 hours continuous playback time. If you store it in the included case you can charge it, use the USB Type – C cable to charge the case. The color is black, white, yellow, three colors.

Prior to launch, Sony showroom / Sony store Ginza, Sony store Sapporo, Sony store Nagoya, Sony store Osaka, Sony store Fukuoka Tenjin will exhibit the product from September 27.