Spanish Women Footballers Threaten to Strike

Spanish women’s football has said enough. The AFE issued a statement on Tuesday informing that the players of the First Iberdrola called a strike in the absence of an agreement between the Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs (ACFF) and the unions in the negotiation of what would be their first collective agreement.

After a year of conversations, the positions of the employers and the unions remain far apart, in aspects, among many others, such as the annual minimum wage or partiality.

This has motivated the tiredness of the players, who on Tuesday confirmed in a press conference that they will call a strike, with the support of 93% of the 188 players of the 16 teams.

Spanish women’s football, on strike

The negotiation between the Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs and the UGT, Futbolistas ON and AFE unions began on October 4, 2018, with a first meeting at the headquarters of the Higher Sports Council (CSD). A year later everything remains the same and the First Division footballers have decided to consider. The strike was scheduled for November 16 and 17, but finally, if it takes place, it will take place on November 2 and 3.

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“The first time we talked about the possibility of making a strike was in May, after no progress was made in the negotiations. Now everything has exploded and enough is said,” says María José López, the co-director of the legal advice of AFE, to SPANISH.

The concessions are over and both AFE and the players of the highest female category of Spanish football have decided to plant themselves. “We (the AFE) went as a social part claudicating the issue of bias, which went down from 100 to 75%, that of retroactivity and the issue of who affected the collective agreement. In February of this year we had a meeting where ten points were given that were the ten fundamental lines to be fulfilled. All that has not happened and we have had to take action, “says Maria Jose.

Inevitably compared to men’s football, Lopez is clear about the position they are going to adopt: “We are not going to go down 75% since, for example, the boys are at 100%. Clubs said it had to be less, not they had money and that they understood that part-time contracts were normal. We understand that it is not understandable that a partner is like this and a man is full-time. The players are bothered that they are not treated the same as soccer players. it is understood that in women’s football there are different rights to others. ”

“The players are tired and will fight to get what they want and request. That in the 21st century it costs to get what is claimed is tremendous. The clubs have said they were going to see several things and others not and in the end they let it go” , says Maria Jose.

What does women’s football ask for?
Minimum salary of 16,000 euros, accepting partiality of 12,000, right to vacations and unemployment, a protocol for pregnancy and harassment, a framework for injury regulation and 100% paid in case of being injured.