Spying on Catalan Politicians By the Pegasus

Dozens of Catalan politicians and activists have been spied on by the Pegasus program in recent years, according to an investigation made public on Monday April 18 by the Canadian-based Citizen Lab expert group. The Spanish secret services are implicated, and the case outrages Catalonia.

The current Catalan president, several former presidents, their lawyers or even the president of the regional parliament… In total, around sixty separatists have been spied on through the Israeli Pegasus program over the past five years.

This is revealed by an investigation by Citizen Lab, a group of cybersecurity experts from the University of Toronto, which was made public on Monday in a report by the New Yorker.

The text directly implicates the CNI, the Spanish intelligence service, and recalls that only state governments can acquire the spy computer program which also allows the reading of messages and the starting of the camera and from the microphone of infected cell phones.



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