“Star Link Battle for Atlas”

“Star Link Battle for Atlas” scheduled to be released on April 25, 2019 from Ubisoft Software.

Although it is already on sale abroad, not only realized the revolutionary idea of a module toy but also let’s thoroughly explain the charm of this work full of innovation as a shooting action. If you deepen your understanding of the game system, such as a customization factor with a high degree of freedom and a stal – ship for an attractive pilot, you should know why you should pay attention to this work.

Before talking about the details of the game, first, a simple story of this work. A spaceship arrives late in the North Pole, in which a mysterious life form “judge” is discovered. With the cooperation of judges, peacekeeping organization “StarLink Initiative” which succeeded in the development of ultra high-speed mobility technology is to go to the Atlas system which is 431 light years away from the earth to explore the birth of judges. It was an initiative that I learned that artifacts from ancient civilization are the keys to solve a mystery, but what was waiting for ? “The forgotten and leaguan” fight, the adventure revealing the mystery hidden behind it begins …

The Atlas system which is the stage of the adventure consists of seven planets with different environments and ecosystems, such as “killite” where barren wilderness spreads, paradise of death “haven”, ice planet “tundra”. Moreover, the star system has become a large open world, and the player can enjoy exploring as you like the planet you like. A story can be experienced if you follow the main mission, but a huge number of side missions are prepared, so the volume is unbelievable.

Where the enemy forces and ally’s power dynamics dynamically change dynamically, such as how to clear the main mission, battle with enemies and material sampling, how to proceed side missions such as survey, etc. are also unique. It is fresh also to finish by just changing the strategy and coping with the situation, just by experiencing one road.

A system that combines a module toy consisting of a pilot, a starship, and a weapon attachment, and fights this work as the only game. The system that instantly changes the starship displayed in the game by attaching the module toy to an actual controller and switching various parts is a pleasure to gather toys, a refreshing sense of shooting game and strategy It brings innovation combined.

Module toys developed with repeated trial and error. I actually knew that it had been adjusted to its weight and strength, and even to the position to be placed, so as not to jam the play never. It is a place I want you to pay attention to the design that the players all over the world aimed at thinking “cool”!

If you are reading this article, you know that Fox and Irwin of “Star Fox” will appear in the Nintendo switch version. With Fox as a pilot, fans can fly around the world of this work with the love machine Erwin, fans are inevitable. Do familiar characters also appear in “Star Fox”?

A customization factor that makes players exciting!

In order to know the world of this work more deeply, let’s explain basic elements of battle. Anyway a huge number of choices are prepared from your choice, you create your own starship and jump into the vast universe. It is important here to welcome the moment of such goose bumps without a problem!

Pilots who are members of the StarLink Initiative are unique in their own way. I will introduce some pilots from that.