Stock Market Shocks US Tech World Lost 11.9 billion Dollars

Sharp drop in US stocks, a major blow to Tech world on October 10, the US stock market plunged and the decline in the Dow Jones industrial average since February 8. Stock prices plummeted to the high-tech sector as well, while Amazon shares fell by 6%, Netflix by 8%, Microsoft and the alphabet by 5%, and the asset value of Billionaire in the Tech industry also fell sharply.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos assets amounted to $ 9.1 billion on 10th and his assets amounted to 144.7 billion dollars. The company’s stock price has dropped by 13.2% from the head office in October. The Amazon shares climbed nearly two-thirds during the period from January to September this year, but it came here and was hit by a plunge.

The majority of Bezos’ assets are brought about by Amazon shares where he holds 16% of the issued shares.

Six of the Billionaire besides the Bezos team, which is within the top 20 ranking of the world’s richest ranking, was also hit hard by the plunge in the stock price this time. For Forbes’ real-time ranking data, the total of assets they lost in the 10th day has reached 11.9 billion dollars.

Two co-founders Sergei Brin and Larry Pageji total lost 4.3 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg lost $ 2.4 billion and the current asset amount was 56.7 billion dollars.

The Nasdaq Composite Stock Price Index, which has a high ratio of high-tech stocks, also dropped sharply, falling by about 4.1% from the previous day. The stock index has fallen by 7.7% from the beginning of October.

On 3 October, Forbes announced the 2018 edition of the Forbes 400, a 400-member long list, but Jeff Bezos was at the top with $ 160 billion in assets (about 18 trillion yen). It was the stock price as of September 7 this year that used the criteria for calculating the asset amount.

Despite losing $ 9 billion, Bezos keeps the world’s richest position. The current second place is Bill Gates, who also lost $ 1.6 billion in the 10th day.
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