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The Nikkei average on the 27th continued to grow for three consecutive days, and both the high price and closing price of the Zara market renewed the highest prices after the Corona crash that was set on the previous day. The candlestick remained on the 5th line after drawing the positive line, leading to market development with buyer advantage. The upward 25-day line is approaching the 75-day line from below, the conversion line and the reference line are upward in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, and the Bollinger Bands closing price is above + 2σ, so the upward price expansion phase is expected to be extended. I can do it.

In the European market, the dollar and the yen have renewed their highs during the day, including up to 107.65 yen. With the weakening of the euro / dollar, dollar buying strengthened. In addition, the euro / yen price has also dropped, pushing down the cross yen. While the dollar / yen is likely to be under upward pressure, the rise seems to be limited as it is pushed down by the cross yen.

The trading range up to this point is from 107.49 yen to 107.65 yen for the dollar / yen, from 117.88 yen to 118.06 yen for the euro / yen, and from 1.0935 dollars to 1.0979 dollars for the euro dollar.

It is reported that the Shanghai Stock Exchange is considering revising the establishment of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index.

Bloomberg reported that the Shanghai Stock Exchange is revising the A-share benchmark stock index compilation method that has been in use for nearly 30 years to better reflect changes in the capital market. At the same time, the exchange will also assess whether the Science and Technology Board Company will be included Shanghai Securities Composite Index (Shanghai Stock Index).

The Shanghai Stock Index has been officially released since July 15, 1991. Its sample stocks are all stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, including A shares and B shares, with a total of 1555 stocks. But since 2006, the index “distortion problem” has caused discussion.

According to an insider quoted by Bloomberg, the stock exchange is discussing the improvement plan and will seek market feedback. The final plan still has variables.

A plan to consider, including adjusting the timing of new stocks to be included in the index, and removing some risk-prompted stocks, and then carrying out further optimization, such as a weighted change in the compilation method from full market value to circulating market value.

According to people familiar with the matter, the exchange will also assess whether to include science and technology board companies. Another possibility is to issue the science and technology board index to increase market investment targets.

One thing that attracts the attention of the outside world is that in the current Shanghai Stock Index, financial real estate shares have the largest weight, reaching 33.5%, followed by industrial stocks, but the proportion of 16.1% is still less than half of financial real estate stocks, and the information and technology sector The ratio is as low as about 5.8%.

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