Strong Blast Takes Place In Kızılay Square In Ankara Capital City of Turkey

813547d8-afcc-4646-b5aa-5d5e06ade679-largeAn explosion has hit central Ankara on March 13. At least 37  people have been killed 75 injured.

The explosion took place in the Güvenpark in the Kızılay district in central Ankara at 6.35 p.m. A number of vehicles were on fire and many ambulances arrived at the scene after the blast.

A bomb-laden car caused the explosion, private broadcaster NTV has reported.

The area is being evacuated as a precaution against a second attack.

While no information has been provided on the number of wounded or dead in the attack, casualties are expected in what is suspected to be a terror attack, according to reports.

A reporter from private broadcaster Habertürk said the blast took place where around 10 bus stops are located.