Study Reveals the Secret of Facebook

The study found that the use of Facebook on a daily basis leads the user to unhappiness, and that the reduction of this use, and even away from these sites, increases the level of happiness.

In contrast, the study confirmed that moving away from social networking sites leads to a decline in knowledge and information, especially in the field of news and current local and regional events.

According to the study, the suspension of users to their accounts on Facebook and not to use this site for a month, can improve the lives of personal and mental and psychological users.

The study, conducted by researchers from the Universities of New York and Stanford, aimed to study the impact of discontinuation of Facebook and other social networking sites on user behavior and state of mind.

The study, entitled “The Healthy Impact of Social Media,” included 2844 US users who use the site for at least 15 minutes a day.

The disabling and deactivation of the Facebook page among the participants in the study, conducted in 2018, led to an increase in activities away from the Internet, such as increased personal social interaction with family and friends.

Other activities of the study sample include watching television either individually or with others, such as family and friends.

The results of the study showed a clear improvement in mental health with more sense of happiness, by reducing the levels of political polarization, especially as it came before the midterm elections in the United States.

However, moving away from social networking sites has led to a decline in knowledge and information about current events, according to the British newspaper The Independent.

The researchers found that users who disable their pages and accounts on Facebook become more  persistent to reduce their use of the application after the experiment.

For its part, an official spokesman from Facebook, commenting on this study, in the Washington Post, said that the network teams are now working to strengthen the  vital through various platforms.

“This is just one study that dealt specifically with this issue, and should not be viewed any further,” she said.