Subaru Plans to Market a 100% Electric SUV on the Old Continent

As times change. We don’t have the WRX STI anymore, we probably won’t have the new BRZ, but we will have a Subaru electric SUV. The Japanese manufacturer announces the launch of a model of this type on the European market soon. The vehicle will have a template close to that of a Forester, which is 4.61m long, and will be based on the modular platform currently being jointly developed by Subaru and Toyota.

The firm does not reveal any other information for the time being. But it had unveiled last January a model foreshadowing an electric SUV (photo) whose design turned out to be very close to a concept illustrated in parallel by Toyota, which has also just announced a “zero emission” SUV displaying the same profile as the style studies in question. The design promises to be angular and assertive with marked reliefs and inclined rear pillars.

All-wheel drive to expect
Subaru and Toyota therefore seem to be on their way to launch “twin” electric SUVs as they did with their respective sports cars BRZ and GT86. When announcing their joint platform, the two companies announced that they would combine Toyota’s know-how in electrification with Subaru’s expertise in all-wheel drives.

Subaru announces that its model must be marketed by 2025, without further details. The Toyota version could debut much earlier, as early as next year

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