SUS is Authorized to Perform Sex-Change Surgery on Trans Men

In Brasil Ministry of Health approved the procedures of vaginectomy and metoidioplasty for who was born with the female sex but identifies with the male gender.

The Ministry of Health has formally authorized the Unified Health System (SUS) to perform surgery and treatment of “sexual reassignment” for transsexual men – who were born biologically female, but identify with the male gender. Portaria no. 1,370, which permits the procedures, was published on Monday 24 in the Official Gazette.

According to the resolution, the treatments were included in the table of SUS procedures, medications, orthotics, prostheses and special materials. Sexual reassignment for trans men consists of vaginectomy and metoidioplasty and can only be performed experimentally. Both procedures will be performed by judicial decision in patients between 21 to 75 years.


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