Suspicious Yellow Powder Sent to Canadian, Belgian, German Consulates in Istanbul

2014-10-24T145318Z_1_LYNXNPEA9N0NR_RTROPTP_2_TURKEY-CANADA-ATTACKSPackets of an unidentified yellow powder were sent to the Canadian, U.S., Belgian and German consulates in Istanbul on Friday, prompting security alerts following two militant attacks in Canada this week.

One Canadian consulate employee came directly into contact with the suspicious package and six others had indirect exposure, Turkey’s disaster management agency AFAD said in a statement. Nine people were hospitalized as a precaution.

Teams decontaminated the Canadian and Belgium consulates and were working on cleaning the German mission, AFAD spokesman Dogan Eskinat said.
A U.S. Embassy spokesman confirmed the Consulate General in Istanbul also received an envelope containing a “suspicious” powder.

“(It) was dealt with according to security protocols. The consulate is operating normally,” the spokesman saidd.

There was no immediate word on what the powder was. Samples were sent to laboratories in the capital Ankara for tests.