Syria’s Stateless Children İn Turkey

ssssOver the past three years, Syrian refugees in Turkey have given birth to an estimated 6,000 kids, who are now stateless. Syrian refugees struggling to find steady work and a decent place to live, but more than 6,000 of children like “in effect stateless,” according to a recent report from the Brookings Institution. They can’t return to their war-ravaged homes because they aren’t Syrian citizens, but they’re not recognized as Turkish citizens, either.

Turkey is faced with a massive influx of Syrian refugees, which continues to grow every day. The latest estimates put the number at roughly 600,000. By most accounts, Syrians included, the country has handled the issue well – establishing fully functional refugee camps and offering free health care to their displaced southern neighbors.But this is little solace for Syrians  families facing similar problems. syriachild

Since Turkey does not offer citizenship outright to foreigners born in the country, the only option for Syrian refugees is to make the dangerous journey home, where they can try and acquire birth records.