Tesla Super Factory Fire Alarm

According to reports, on Saturday (15th) in the US, TSLA-US fire broke out at the Gigafactory in the Tahoe-Renault Industrial Center in Nevada. The fire was controlled on Sunday morning (16th). Production has been restored.

Tesla said that the plant was mainly responsible for the production of Model 3 motors and battery packs. The fire broke out in the cooling tube coating furnace on the third floor of the factory. The fire was quickly controlled. At that time, all employees had completed evacuation measures without any casualties. The reason is still under investigation.

The emergency management department of Stori County, where the factory is located, said that the fire department received an alarm at the factory at 10:12 pm on Saturday, and the fire was controlled by the water spray system and firefighters. At about 2 am on Sunday, the fire site was taken over by Tesla for cleaning and maintenance operations. The factory has started production process operations again on Sunday morning.

A fire broke out in Tesla’s factory in California last month.

In August of this year, Tesla said that it expects to produce 50,000 to 55,000 Model 3 cars in the third quarter, and said the company expects to start making profits in the second half of this year.

In order to increase the production of Model 3, Tesla announced that it would reduce the color choice of new cars to increase production speed. If you want to order special colors, you need to add an additional $1,500. So far, Tesla has implemented a number of measures to increase production, including the construction of additional production lines, as well as increased deposits and delivery amounts. All of these initiatives are aimed at achieving production goals and meeting a large number of customer orders, while reducing corporate losses and achieving profitability.

Hülya Karahan:The Founder