Tesla’s Berlin Factory Construction Plan may be Greatly Delayed

According to a report by Bloomberg News on the 8th (Monday), the German automotive magazine Automobilwoche quoted multiple sources in a report, pointing out that Tesla plans to build a super factory near Berlin, Germany, “significant delays” are likely to occur.

The possible delays include automobile assembly plants whose main plants have not yet been constructed, and plants used for battery production. Automobilwoche doubts whether Tesla‘s Berlin plant can really be put into mass production in five months as scheduled. In addition, the media also pointed out in the report that Tesla has not yet applied to the state government for a license to build a battery factory.

In addition, according to Automobilwoche, the amount of assistance Tesla received from the government for the battery-related part of this project is estimated to be significantly less than 1 billion euros. The scale of this type of assistance is about 20-30% of the total investment, and it is mostly carried out through tax concessions or interest-free financing. It is estimated that the overall expenditure cost of the battery factory may not achieve the expected goal in terms of financial assistance.

In January, in order to strengthen the domestic battery project “European Battery Innovation“related to electric vehicle production, the European Union pledged to provide approximately 2.9 billion euros in financial assistance to many companies such as Tesla in the United States and BMW in Germany. The main purpose is also to reduce dependence on Asian battery manufacturers.

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