The Arrival of a New British Destroyer of the Gulf to Keep up with Tankers

Britain’s flagged vessels are on the brink of rising tensions with Iran.

London has ordered the deployment of the destroyer to keep up with the trans-Straits of Hormuz, where Iran earlier this month seized a British-flagged vessel in an operation that Britain called “piracy.”

The destroyer joins the HMMS Montrose, which is due to be under maintenance in Bahrain in late August. It will be replaced by the “HMS Kent” frigate later this year.

British Foreign Secretary Dominique Rapp said Monday that the United States supports an initiative for Gulf security…

A British government spokesman said the British frigate “Mont Rose”, which is currently in the Gulf region, will escort ships that … Britain begins escorting all its vessels across the Strait of Hormuz Arabs and the world
Britain announced last week that it was planning to form a European-led force to protect shipping, but confirmed that it was not seeking to engage in confrontation with Iran.

London has asked British-flagged vessels to report the transit times of the Strait of Hormuz, and HMS Montrose has already accompanied 35 commercial vessels in 20 transit flights, according to the Royal Navy.

The British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in a statement that he was satisfied “because (HMS Duncan) will continue to work well done by (HMS Montrose) that contribute to the protection of this main corridor.”

“While we continue to push for a diplomatic solution that will allow the crossing again without military escort, the Royal Navy will continue to protect British ships until it becomes a reality,” the British defense minister said.

For weeks, tension has been rising in the region. US President Donald Trump canceled a last-minute air strike on Iran in retaliation for dropping a US reconnaissance plane.

Iran said its detention of the British oil tanker on July 19 was in response to the British navy’s aid to the Gibraltar authorities in detaining an Iranian oil tanker in the Mediterranean two weeks ago.

Britain has said it seized the ship because Iran used it to transport oil to Syria, in violation of European and American sanctions.