The Bank of Russia Set the Exchange Rate

The Bank of Russia for the last time in 2018 established official exchange rates, lowering the dollar and euro. The next time the regulator returns to their installation on Wednesday, January 9th.

The official dollar exchange rate has been set since December 30 at around 69.47 rubles. It decreased by five kopecks compared to the previous figure. The euro exchange rate is set at 79.46 rubles, it is lowered by 20 kopecks.

As of 13.10 Moscow time, the exchange rate of the ruble on the Moscow Stock Exchange fluctuates around 69.5 rubles per dollar. At the maximum, this indicator grew on Saturday, December 29, to 69.67 rubles.

Earlier, the Moscow Exchange reported that during the New Year holidays, trading on the foreign exchange market and the precious metals market, the stock market and the deposit market, as well as the derivatives market will be held on January 3.4 and 8.