The Battle for the iPhone: What’s Happening iDigital?

Double charges, no order confirmations and even no stock available: Idigital opened the early sale for the new iPhone 12 series, but what appeared to be a load on the ordering site led to a mask of frustration for buyers. Idigital responded: “These are individual dozens of customers, handling the double charges”

Panic to the iPhone – and the hustle and bustle of iDigital: Ahead of the official launch event of the iPhone 12 series in Israel, the network launched an online pre-sale with an unequivocal promise – pay today, and receive the devices at a unique drive-in event or with a courier to your home, Wednesday night For Thursday of the week. But from the moment the early sale opened over the past weekend, frustrated buyers have encountered a host of issues, both technical and otherwise.

Idigital’s official Facebook page was flooded with dozens of inquiries from buyers, who complained, among other things, about double and triple credit card charges during the purchase process, for not receiving order confirmations, and for those who were unable to access the site and make the purchase. Others reported to Ynet that although they managed to place an early order, they received a message from the network this morning (Sunday), according to which: “Delivery times will be longer than usual and can take several weeks. We hope the inventory will be renewed soon, and promise to update you when it happens.”

Maya Peretz from Hod Hasharon said that “I made an advance order on the site on Friday, at 12 at night. Of the iPhone I wanted, and after several attempts to purchase, and after entering the credit company code several times, it worked for me. The next day they posted that people were charged twice, three and even four for devices. ”

On Friday, the network posted the following message on its Facebook page: “Our dear customers, due to an extreme order load due to the demand for the iPhone 12, we are experiencing malfunctions in a small number of transactions that may have caused a double order. First of all, “We are making great efforts to handle all inquiries as early as possible. All duplicate orders will be canceled and credited. Asms messages with an update sent to these customers in the coming days.”

In addition to the double charges, other buyers claimed to have placed an order for two different devices, and these orders were canceled after it was suspected that it was a double order. Others claimed to have made an order using two different credit cards, for payment on different devices, and these too were canceled. “I also made an order on the site and there is a double order, I should see a charge on the card but I did not receive any document confirming the deal, just a scam!”, Wrote one of the buyers, and another added: “Just insolence and fraud! And now you have sent a message that the device is out of stock and it will take weeks until it arrives. I call your customer service, and the call is disconnected the second I click on the option of handling an existing order! I demand that you get back to me immediately. ”
The iDigital network responded: “There are a few dozen customers who placed an order on the site and did not receive an order receipt. As a result, some customers placed another order and were therefore charged twice.

Customers who have placed an order are sent a standard message that automatically leaves the company’s systems with each order of a product that is not in stock. Since the iPhone 12 has not yet been received in the company’s warehouses, this message was also sent to them. A clarification message on the subject was sent to everyone.