The Benefits of Drinking Coffee in the Morning

A cup of coffee promotes digestion and relieves constipation. If you drink a cup of coffee every morning after breakfast, it can relieve constipation. Drinking a cup of coffee for breakfast can not only refresh your brain, but also help. To promote bowel movements. Some people who are accustomed to drinking coffee in the morning even find that if they don’t drink coffee for breakfast, they feel that they have poor bowel movements.

Why does this happen?

A cup of coffee contains an average of 40-180 mg of caffeine. Caffeine is a typical irritant, which can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, produce a laxative effect, and improve constipation. However, it is interesting that the laxative effect of drinking coffee in the morning is particularly significant, while drinking coffee at other times has little effect. American nursing expert Dr. Diana Marks analyzed and pointed out that the large amounts of caffeine and acidic oils in coffee will enhance the contraction of the digestive tract muscles, thereby accelerating bowel defecation. Because of this, excessive coffee consumption at breakfast may increase the risk of diarrhea.

Although coffee has a diuretic effect, it is not a cure for constipation. On the contrary, coffee will increase the loss of water in the body, but will increase constipation. Experts suggest that you should not drink too much coffee. Drinking 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning will help to refresh your bowels.

A cup of coffee in the morning promotes digestion and relieves constipation. However, it is effective to drink coffee regularly.

Drinking coffee in the morning has 3 major benefits, but this kind of coffee advises you not to drink it

Instant coffee is the process of extracting the soluble substances from coffee beans in the factory and drying them into granules. However, after many high-temperature operating environments, the aroma of the coffee has basically been lost. In order to improve the flavor of coffee, the manufacturer developed a powder to make coffee more “delicious and delicious” and gave it a nice name-Coffee Mate, or “creamer”. The main ingredients are hydrogenated vegetable oil, glucose syrup and cheese. Protein, followed by stabilizers, emulsifiers, anticaking agents and flavors.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil is artificially catalyzed and hydrogenated to form a semi-solid fat. The non-dairy creamer in it can enhance the instant dissolution and brewing properties of coffee, enhance the “milk” flavor, replace milk powder or reduce the amount of milk used, thereby reducing production cost.

Studies have shown that non-dairy creamer contains trans-unsaturated fatty acids, and trans-fatty acids are the “worst” fatty acids. Excessive intake can reduce the “good cholesterol” in the body, induce hardening of the blood vessels, and increase the heart and brain. The risk of diseases such as blood vessels is not good for health.

Fresh coffee is to grind roasted coffee beans into powder, and by pouring hot water, the water-soluble part is filtered into coffee. Take hand brewed coffee as an example. The coffee beans have different varieties and roasting levels, and the water flow speed and brewing angle are all indispensable.

Therefore, you should avoid instant coffee when drinking coffee, and choose other healthy coffee to drink in order to get the benefits of drinking coffee

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