The Best Diet for the Third Stage of A Cold

During the cold season, a variety of dietary treatments to prevent or relieve colds have been released.

From brown sugar ginger soup, pears to white radish juice, ginseng, etc., some of these cold diets that have been circulated for a long time can indeed relieve cold symptoms, but incorrect use can also make cold symptoms worse.

What should I eat when I have a cold?
“You have to eat the right constitution and the right time.” There is considerable research on diet therapy. Cold diet therapy should be changed with the course of the disease. Some diet therapy can be used for normal care, but when you encounter inflammation or have caught a flu, To avoid.

Applicable food: fruits, such as pears, watermelons, sugar cane, coconut juice (without ice), etc. Scallion Soup, Sishen Soup.

Generally, when inflammatory reactions such as swelling and sore throat, nasal discharge or thick sputum, fever and high fever occur, it is not advisable to use tonics, such as ginseng, angelica, astragalus, and sesame oil, so as not to add fuel to the fire and make the condition worse.

Sesame oil chicken, ginger duck or ginger soup (old ginger, dried ginger soup), etc. which are tonic in winter will accelerate blood circulation. Don’t try it easily during the inflammatory reaction.

During the period of inflammation, some fruits or juices can be added to “extinguish the fire”, such as cold fruits such as watermelons.

Grinding fresh pear juice can produce body fluids to quench thirst and relieve dry mouth; others like watermelon, sugar cane, lotus root juice, coconut juice, etc., all have antipyretic effects.

Take the scallion and white part, add light tempeh (available in traditional markets, light brown) to cook the soup. The white onion has the effect of sweating, and the fermented bean drum can replenish protein.

The malic acid, sugar phosphate, etc. in scallion will stimulate blood circulation and promote sweating. The effect is even faster than that of ginger. When you have a fever, a bowl of scallion porridge will force you to sweat.

But be aware that people who have a fever and sweat a lot should not use green onion soup.

The sweating effect of porridge is also good…

You can also drink Sishen soup to replenish vitality. Add yam, poria cocos, lotus seeds, , coix seed, and add a little pork to cook porridge.

Drinking Sishen soup at ordinary times can enhance gastrointestinal function and make it less likely to catch a cold.

I accidentally got caught in the rain and caught the cold, feeling chills, headaches, coughs, and nasal discharge (the sputum is clear and thin). A bowl of old grandmother’s brown sugar ginger soup is the fastest and most effective way to prevent colds.

The gingerol and gingerone in ginger can sweat and drive away the heat accumulated in the body, especially ginger with less water is spicy and has a better effect on promoting blood circulation. Adding brown sugar can add heat.

Sugarcane ginger soup is also a good choice.

You may wish to prepare some ginger candy before hiking and enjoying the snow to keep you warm and prevent colds.

However, ginger can promote blood circulation. It is not recommended to drink if there is inflammation or bleeding.

Some people say that you should eat more fruits during a cold, but doctors believe that it depends on your personal circumstances. Some people have coughs, nasal waters and more serious colds when they eat fruits. At this time, they should stop temporarily.

Eating more fruits can supplement vitamin C, but whether vitamin C can treat or prevent colds is still controversial. Some doctors believes that a balanced diet is more important than vitamin C supplementation.

In addition, most of the juice or fruit is cold, which may cause bronchoconstriction and aggravate the cough. It is not suitable for eating during a cold period (except for fever).

Especially watery fruits such as watermelon, oranges, etc. are colder. If you have cough, runny nose, diarrhea, cold hands and feet, it is not suitable to eat too much, which will make the condition worse. At this time, you can choose general flat fruits such as Peach.

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