The Best Places to Flirt

It is more than understandable that men and women want to spend their free time doing activities that stimulate and enrich them.

The problem is that, to this day, there are different leisure preferences and not very marked in terms of gender.

Let’s see then some common spaces for love that you may not have thought about.

Theater and acting courses

If you are a woman and you like to experiment with your body and your emotions, perhaps it has crossed your mind to take dance lessons. Unfortunately, not many men tend to attend these classes alone, as many do so encouraged by the curiosity of their partner. A good alternative is found in interpretation. The interest to act, to take the most comical side of oneself, to learn dubbing or locution is shared more equitably between both genders.

If you prefer something different from the courses, there are the theater groups. It is easy to find groups of people with faculties, cultural centers or neighborhood associations wanting to demonstrate their talent above the tables. The attraction for this activity is typical of people very willing to experiment with their feelings, so be prepared to try strong emotions.

Martial Arts

We do not discover a new continent if we say that the gym is a traditional place for flirting. Many feel, however, frustrated with the superficial contacts that often occur in fitness or fitness rooms. Different is the profile of people who attend martial arts courses. In addition to the concern for the physique, karateka, judoka or taekwondo are usually interested in more profound aspects such as technique, not forgetting that some find in such sports a whole spiritual practice. If you have a mystical part, substitute yoga or meditation for karate, a Zen art.

Martial arts can also be used as a tool to combat stress. If your thing is to burn bad rolls based on blows, boxing and kickboxing are waiting for you. If you are a woman, we assure you that you will not find yourself alone, surrounded by males loaded with testosterone. More and more women are less hesitant to accept this part of their nature more sugar.

Live music venues

The typical thing we do when we fall in love is to share a list of our favorite songs with the other person. Music unites a lot and is a good tool to connect from emotion.

Sharing a hobby is already having something in common with another person. At the fairs, activities are also carried out to interact with other fans.

Going to a concert where you play the music that we are most passionate about is putting a soundtrack to a possible crush. The common interest in a singer or in a group also serves as a perfect excuse to establish a first contact in the form of conversation.

Fairs and meetings

If you like books, art or manga, stop reading about news about these hobbies from magazines and websites. Turn off the computer, cancel your order online and why not, enter the cosplay game to attend one of the many fairs that are organized in your city about your favorite hobby.

Sharing a hobby is already having something in common with another person. In these encounters, small activities are usually carried out where the interaction with other fans appears spontaneously. If you think that fairs are meeting places for geeks, nerds or freaks take a tour of one of these events to get rid of prejudice.

Economics and marketing courses

You are a woman of arms to take: a natural leader with ambitions. Many women who demonstrate a secure attitude in life are frustrated by not finding a man who is up to it. As always, the problem is to find out where those male individuals who know how to appreciate women who have no qualms about entering a world particularly of men.

Develop your most supportive side and kill two birds with one stone: in NGOs, men are involved motivated by your own concerns

Besides a good opportunity to enrich the curriculum, the courses in economics, business management and marketing are the perfect place to meet the kind of men we are talking about.

Volunteer activities

Probably there is a social, economic, ecological or cultural cause with which you agree and that touches the deepest part of your being. Not feeling alone in our ideals is comforting, it connects us with the world and reconciles us with reality.

In NGOs, people are involved motivated by the same concerns that affect you so much. What are you waiting for to develop your most supportive side while you meet people of the opposite sex with your same illusions.

Trekking groups

Aristotle founded the Peripatetic School aware of how useful it was to walk to talk without hesitation about particularly deep issues. The trekking also allows discovering new places. Sharing such experiences is an opportunity to strengthen ties.

Having to talk to a person of the opposite sex in another language is fun, as well as a perfect excuse to throw hints

Trekking groups are organized every week in different parts of the country from websites like Meetup. Walking, in short, is a great activity to explore places in our environment while falling in love.

Sites to learn languages

Learning a language is a stimulus to know more about a culture or a country that we are passionate about. People who enroll in a language course do so with the intention of learning more than just grammar. Nowadays, no academy expects to give boring master classes and the lessons tend to be very dynamic, encouraging collaboration among the students.

Not only can you learn a language in a closed class. Bars and pubs offer tandem meetings in which cultural and linguistic exchange is proposed. To talk about your country or your city with another person is to share a very intimate part of yourself, so imagine the opportunities these meetings offer to share interesting conversations with men and women of other nationalities.

 Ask about your flirts everyday life.

Most of us find it easy to talk about what we work with, where we live and so on. Also ask what he or she does in his spare time.

 Ask dedicated follow-up questions

If your flirt says they love running training, ask what she or he likes so much, and fill in with more questions on the same theme. Is there a dream race they would like to run? Why did they start running from the beginning? Being interested and curious is a key to the art of flirting with words. Just think about taking the questions at the right pace, you don’t want to give your flirt the feeling of being interrogated.

Respond to all questions

You want to clearly show yourself from your best side, so take some place yourself too. Tell us about your job, what you do when you are free and other things you like. Embroider happy. Instead of just saying that you are going to dinner tomorrow, tell me that you should eat sushi with your old friend from college. It gives your flirt a clearer picture of you, and also opens up for follow-up questions and better flow in the conversation.

 Please relate to previous dialogue

Refer to something your flirt said, done or written, it shows you care.

 Joke and tease a little.

Try your way carefully so you soon notice what your flirt thinks is fun. It can be about exaggerating a little, being a little sarcastic or asking just right provocative questions. If you flirt through the screen you can do the same with emojis and memes. If your flirt thinks you are funny then you are also more attractive!

Make discreet invitations

Invite is okay as long as you are responsive to the response. For example, it can be that a little playfully say Oj what cold, but we can certainly keep the heat together. If you have good chemistry, such a replica can land just right and take you closer to each other, but pay attention to the reaction. The last thing you want is that your flirt becomes uncomfortable in your company, right?


Just as we wrote in the first part of our Flirt school, you really only need to be yourself, though perhaps turning up the volume a little on some of your personality traits. Take more initiatives and be more fun and more inviting than usual. But there are also three things that are good to avoid when you want to master the art of flirting.

Don’t think too much. The more you perform at the more strange impression you risk doing. Try to relax and just be a little more forward and curious than usual.

Don’t blame your innermost too soon. There is a difference between being yourself and being brutally honest about just about every detail in the history of his life. In the very first, flirtatious situation, there is no need to pull up sorrows and sorrows.

Don’t go on. Contradictory, can be imagined, we have just written that you should take more initiatives than usual … But yes, here is a balance to strive for. If you meet for example at a bar or club, think that you should talk and have a nice moment, change contact details and then mingle further. Then both have the chance to melt the impressions. If you flirt online, limit the number of messages to 2 – 3 per day, and keep in mind that you do not have to respond directly when your flirt sends something.



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