The Chairman of TÜSİAD Warns of “Rising Polarization” in Turkey

IMG_9620Photo and story: Hülya Karahan

Haluk Dinçer,  The new head of Turkey’s top business organization (TUSIAD) has said Turkey’s largest problem is “polarization,” while vowing to “avoid taking sides,” speaking at his first comprehensive meeting with the media .

 Haluk Dinçer: Turkey’s largest problem is “severe social polarization, we will  avoid taking sides,” Dinçer said that “TUSİAD has never been a party of this ideological polarization, wwe’ll  never allowed the TUSİAD to be seen as a party of this serious ideological polarization and as a supporter of any particular political parties in this polarized political agenda, we  will also never allow this to happen in the future.

“There can be different ideas in democracies. Our expectation from the government and from political parties is to empathize with different opinions … The government should see different voices as a wealth. We expect self-criticism.

Haluk Dinçer also  Point out the process, has launched with the  (PKK) by the Turkish government Dinçer defined the process as “exceptional courageous initiative,”  Un derlined that  TUSİAD has been supporting the process since the beginning. However, Dinçer also expressed some criticisms regarding the progression of the settlement process, stating: “The process is not sufficiently transparent. Necessary steps have been failed to be taken. The opposition has not involved in the process sufficiently.” said.