The Cheapest Gold Available in this Country

Due to increased tension between the US and Iran, gold prices are seen rising in the world. Here the cheapest gold is found in the world. And the quality of gold is also very good.

People from all over the world arrive to buy gold at Deira City Center in Dubai. The world’s cheapest gold is found here. Compared to many countries including India, the price of gold here is up to 15 percent less.

Tax free gold is purchased from all over the world here

In Dubai, no import duty is levied on the purchase of gold bricks or biscuits, especially on the purchase of gold. In such a situation, gold traders in Dubai ask for tax free gold from any country of the world and make jewelery from it. Here, a small tax is also levied on jewelery.

Tourists visiting here buy gold in a big way.

Tourists visiting Dubai from different countries of the world prefer to buy gold jewelery from here. Jewelers here also give the benefit of the exemption in import duty by selling jewelery to the customers at a low price.

There are 804 registered jewelery stores in Dubai.

The quality of gold in Dubai is also taken care of. According to Dubai Gold and Jewelery Group Chairman Tauhid Abdullah, special attention is paid to the quality of gold in Dubai. At the same time, the retail price of gold here is decided on the basis of the price of the international market. Much transparency is maintained in this work. There are total 804 jewelery store registers in Dubai. The Municipal Corporation of Dubai has appointed 09 inspectors, out of which 04 work is only to check the quality of gold. These inspectors regularly check the quality of gold of jewelers on a daily basis.