The Democratic Party and the US Republican Party Reached an Agreement on a $ 900 Billion Support Package

On December 19, the Senators of the Democratic Party and the US Republican Party reached an agreement to pave the way for the vote on the economic support package related to COVID-19.
According to the plan, the vote on this economic support package worth $ 900 billion will take place tomarrow.

Earlier, the US Congress passed a short-term spending bill to prevent the government from shutting down for two days when the current budget expires at midnight on December 18 (US time), thereby adding more time. time for lawmakers to continue negotiations to reach agreement on the COVID-19 support package as well as the new government spending bill.

US lawmakers are racing against time to pass the US $ 900 billion COVID-19 bailout and ratify the federal budget bill before the US Congress enters the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The Democrats and Republicans are trying to finalize a $ 1,400 billion federal budget bill to keep government operations going through September 2021. The bill would fund health care programs, homeland security and foreign military aid operations. These programs are currently operating on interim funding.

Analysts say that the government bailout package is now essential for businesses and the unemployed, bringing the US economy back on track, even as new COVID-19 vaccines are in progress. gives hope that life can return to normal.