The Dolce Vita by Salma Hayek

For some time now, the actress has appeared very often on her Instagram account in a swimsuit, soaking up the pool and the sun. And too bad for those who think she has only that to do.

Would the bikini have become Salma Hayek’s new passion?

The actress has been posting pictures of herself on her Instagram lately, enjoying her pool and swimsuits (note she never wears the same one). We could see her in a chocolate ensemble, sunglasses and hair tied in a bun, her feet in turquoise blue water.

The pictures were taken during her first week of vacation, at the beginning of January 2021. The actress had also explained in the Entertainment Tonight show: “I had to lose a lot of weight and do a lot of exercises to get into a bikini at the end of the year. I am happy to have taken his photos and I am not ashamed, because it was my first week of vacation ”. A well-deserved vacation, at the time, for the one who spent the year 2020 recovering from COVID-19.


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Salma Hayek then added with humor that on her return, faced with new confinement, she had “started to eat again” and was “no longer in the same physical shape today”. She also announced that she was going to change the editorial line on her Instagram account: “People are fed up, I’m going to let them take a break. They’ll end up thinking I’m in a bikini every day. No, these photos were all taken in the same place ”. Same week, same place, but always being careful not to use the same model. We never know.