The Encrypted app was Controlled by the FBI, Hundreds of Arrests Worldwide

FBI has infiltrated the mechanisms of Anom thanks to a developer who began collaborating by allowing federal agents to intercept and decrypt messages.

For the FBI this is the second major operation in a few days. In fact, on Monday, federal agents announced that they had managed to recover 2.3 million dollars paid in cryptocurrency to the cybercriminals who had blocked the Colonial Pipeline to resume operations. The ransom paid a month ago was estimated to be around five million dollars.

The action was made possible by the recovery of passwords to access the digital wallet used to collect the bitcoins used to pay the ransom and which, behind the anonymity of the wallet, would belong to the DarkSide group, already very active in ransomware actions.

The wallet at the address bc1qq2euq8pw950klpjcawuy4uj39ym43hs6cfsegq was put under observation by the FBI blockchain experts who managed to log in with the passwords recovering possession of 75 bitcoins paid as a ransom.

The feds kept their mouths tight on methods to unlock the offending digital wallet. But it cannot be excluded that the operation is linked to the interception of conversations related to the Anom app.