The EU Transport Commissioner Blames France for The Chaos

Thousands of vehicles are still waiting on the British side, including an estimated hundreds from Germany.

EU Transport Commissioner Adina Valean blamed France for the chaos: “I condemn France going against our recommendations and bringing us back to the situation we were in in March when the supply chains were broken,” wrote Valean Twitter.

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A negative corona test is required for entry into the EU. British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps asked the drivers to be patient. He warned that they had to follow the instructions “so that traffic gets rolling”. “It will take days rather than weeks, but it will take patience,” Shapps told the BBC. Many truck drivers will still not make it to their families on Christmas. Shapps tweeted that there were further serious delays despite the start of the tests. He urged truckers to keep avoiding Kent. “Arriving in the area will slow your journey down.”

British-French borders should remain open
Shapps reiterated that the British-French border should remain open over the holidays. Traffic through the Eurotunnel should also continue. Shapps wrote on Twitter that he spoke to his French colleague Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. “We have agreed that the British-French border at the Eurotunnel, Dover and Calais should remain open over Christmas so that truckers and citizens can return home as soon as possible.” Djebbari confirmed the agreement.

Commissioner Valean praised the British side. The authorities would test 300 drivers an hour. Valean called on the other EU member states to relax rest periods and lift holiday driving bans so that drivers can return to their families in time for Christmas.

France closed its borders after a new – possibly even more contagious – variant of the coronavirus spread across the UK. Numerous trucks quickly jammed in the region around Dover. After days of negotiations, an agreement was reached. But first the British authorities had to set up test stations. The military also helped with around 170 emergency services.

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