The Fashion of Silver Jewelry Latest Trends

Each woman, when choosing her clothes, will undoubtedly think of accessories, jewelry, shoes and bags that are suitable for her appearance.

The subscribers of our blog naturally focus their attention more on jewelry. Recently, one of our followers asked me to write a publication about fashion in silver jewelry. During the last decades, the demand for silverware has increased significantly. They attract attention not only for their reasonable price, but also for the beauty, the work of fine jewelry and the ability to wear such ornaments both in everyday life and on vacations.

If we talk about the general trends that are observed today in the world of jewelry, I have to point out the fair equalization of gold and silver. Interest in silver jewelry grows day by day. If you have read my previous publications on fashion jewelry for the Spring 2019 season, you probably already know that silver is not only relevant. It is a necessary material.

This is confirmed by Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, Prada and Roberto Cavalli. The creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, explored sautoirs loaded with glass. Therefore, next season comes with powerful, glamorous and safe creations that are inspired by big-screen cinematography.

It is a profitable emphasis for your attire, as it is very evident. Among the blue stones you can use lapis lazuli, iolite, sapphire, tanzanite. And among black – diamond, pearl, agate, onyx, jasper and even amber. In modern society, luxury fashion and brightness are gradually replacing simplicity and elegance. But believe me, in combination with these beautiful gemstones, your silver jewelry will not go unnoticed.

Silver will also look harmoniously with diamonds. As light colors adhere to the jewelry a kind of brightness and special beauty. In addition, such silver jewelry can be used during the day. Honestly, diamonds in combination with silver could make you younger. And they will also give your image freshness and lightness.

inous silver jewels will greatly complement the image of passionate femme fatale.

Since ancient times, the same silver products had magical properties. They have even had the ability to cure certain diseases. This precious metal was sacred and in ancient times it was a reflection of the moon. Silver jewelry items were given to newborn children for the purpose of wishing them health, happiness and wealth. And the young women sought to preserve their feelings and happiness in their personal lives for many years with the help of silver jewelry.

Silver jewelry in the form of medallions, necklaces, bracelets and large earrings with engravings and black inserts will be the perfect accompaniment to the national costume in ethnic style. They will remind you of Scythian or Scandinavian motives. Similar ornaments I have shown you repeatedly among the new Alexander McQueen brand collections. These jewels are also suitable to create an image in the boho style. During this spring, they will obtain perfectly soft sugary tones and dresses that are too airy and light.

They are so delicate and fragile. They seem supposedly imperceptible. But that accessory will really make your spring look really elegant. When the rings of the phalanx became fashionable, they were wide enough and usually golden. Frankly, I used those things and it seemed pretty vulgar. But those things have nothing to do with the fine silver rings. These jewels are appearing more and more in the hands of the most famous fashionistas.

But it must look totally elegant. For example, some bracelets made of different metals, but in the same way. Or chains of silver and gold intertwined. It is also good to use a variety of silver and gold pendants on bracelets. A silver pin and a gold pin on the lapel will also look very elegant.