The High-Tech Companies that Work Best in Israel

In first place was Microsoft, followed by Google, which rose one step from last year. In third place Ironsors; In the ranking of start-up companies, the cyber company BigID was ranked first, entering the ranking for the first time.

Microsoft is the high-tech company that works best in Israel, according to the annual Dun & Bradstreet ranking published …

icrosoft was also ranked first last year, second on the Google search giant list, up one step from last year. In third place Aeronsors, which jumped from eighth place, in fourth and fifth place kept their place respectively Soluto and Playtica.

But the list also contains a number of changes: Facebook, for example, continues to lose power and drops to eighth place, Internet company SimilarWeb drops from 12th to 29th place, SalesForce was ranked for the first time this year and went straight into tenth place.

The CEO of Microsoft Israel Research and Development, Michal Braverman-Blumenstick, commented on the choice of the company in the first place: “The recent period is challenging and requires us to think outside the box. “The first priority is our concern for the health and safety of our employees and families, and we are working to give them all the conditions – physical and mental – to work from home in the best possible way.”

Efrat Segev, VP of Data and Analysis at Dun & Bradstreet: “The ranking of the best high-tech companies to work for, published for the sixth year, was held this year in the shadow of the Corona crisis, with one of the most important parameters we examined being how companies coped with the crisis.” On the satisfaction of their employees. The ranked companies quickly realized that the importance of caring for the employee’s well-being at this time, shifted from focusing on designed offices with pampering conditions, to focusing on the employee’s home environment – addressing physical needs while working from home and supporting employee families and new challenges.

“The rapid adjustment to the needs of the period was also reflected in the community’s contribution activity and support for the country’s response to the crisis, with many companies making impressive and significant moves. There is no doubt that the corona crisis In return, they helped strengthen employees’ trust and a sense of commitment, which are significant parameters in maintaining employee satisfaction and the company’s success, “Segev concluded.

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