The Index Fell Sharply, the Shanghai Composite

 Index fell 1.27%. The shock is conducive to the market outlook.

Whether the bottom of the test is truly proven may still have to wait until the rebound peaks and then the index falls back again.

Rebounded to pay attention to the three main lines, long-term opportunities are gestating, this sector is accelerating
gold stocks rose, dairy stocks rose in the afternoon, cement stocks rose across the board.

Xining Special Steel once rose daily, new shares fell sharply, Shunxin agriculture fell
Central European Fund Cao Mingchang: Don’t guess, you can never figure out why it fell.
The fundamentals of market entanglement Can we rebound on Thursday? Why does the stock index skyrocket?
The pension fund is approved. Institution: The time when the pension is opened is at the right time.

General increase is difficult to continue, stocks will be divided, the market will come out of a wave of rally
The infrastructure flag serves as a rebounding pioneer.

Social security spending 3.67 billion to increase 32% of outstanding stocks. Pensions entering the market or becoming a new opportunity.

Wanhua Chemical and other 10 stocks are recommended by brokers.
Li Dazhao: A-share reversal meets in the autumn value investment is an eternal pursuit.
Zhongrong Fund: The main means of building a stable growth base
The two cities’ stock indexes rebounded comprehensively.
Excavator export sales doubled in July, 5 construction machinery stocks were optimistic.
This routine is too deep: Why do major shareholders of listed companies ask others to sue themselves?
Two factors boosted the cement sector. Nearly 300 million yuan of large singles poured into 8 leading stocks.
Funds look at the market: market sentiment repair is expected to appear in the fourth quarter
28 listed brokers disclosed July results: 11 net profit exceeded 100 million Shen Wan Hongyuan won.