The Injured Porsche Sold for Half A Million Dollars

At the auction held in Monterey Tennessee US, the Porsche 959 Comfort, accidentally damaged by 1987, changed the owner for $ 467,000. It does not happen so often that at the auction of expensive classic cars there is a copy of the accident. However, at the traditional auction this year under the “Monterey Vehicle Week”, the damaged Porsche 959 is also offered in the Comfort version.

In total, only 294 copies of 959 comfort were made and the car for which buyers competed at auction had 6,000 km of past. The auction house Mecum, which offered a car for sale, previously estimated the value of $ 450,000-550,000, and eventually “reached” $ 467,000.

Given that the Porsche 959 Comfort‘s stored units in the auction exceed $ 1m, the client certainly had his account why he had paid half of that amount for this car.

As for the rare vehicle, it is expected that once it is restored, this price will increase, in order to be a lucrative investment.