The Intel 10 Nanometer Process will be Launched Half A Year Earlier

The Savior is coming! The Intel 10 nanometer process will be launched half a year earlier and the stock price will be reflected earlier.

Processor maker Intel (Intel) recently encountered two major crises in 14 nanometer capacity shortage and 10 nanometer process delay. After Intel announced an additional $1 billion for the 14nm process expansion, there are also 10 nanometer processes. Good news came out. The market estimates that Intel will begin mass production of 10 nanometers in April 2019, at least half a year earlier than Intel’s previous forecast of 2019. Once it comes true, it seems to declare that Intel is ready to return to its peak.

Intel’s previous 10 nanometer process delay, many market players and analysts as a sign of the beginning of the recession. Although Intel’s 10nm process parameters are not inferior to TSMC’s 7nm process, mass production progress is indeed behind, including the low-power mobile version launched at the end of 2019. Other servers and desktop versions will not be available until 2020. This has also caused Intel to face strong pressure from competitor AMD 7 nano products.

However, according to Bloomberg’s research report from market research firm Bluefin, Intel’s 10-nm process yield target achieved “significant progress”, which led to discussions with several suppliers about the possibility of mass production before June 2019. The mass production was even possible as early as April 2019, which was half a year earlier than expected. This and yesterday’s “Technology News” exclusive quoted foreign capital Daiwa Securities report, said Intel’s 10 nanometer process will coincide with early mass production.

The report pointed out that although the Bluefin report did not specify the main reason for the early production of the Intel 10 nanometer process, it only indicated that the yield achieved a major breakthrough, enabling the Intel 10 nanometer process to be mass-produced from April to June 2019. However, according to the foreign-invested Daiwa Securities obtained by the “Technology News”, the Intel 10 nanometer process is approaching the target 70% quickly, and the company believes that it can start mass production, so the 10 nanometer process can be mass-produced earlier.

However, the Bluefin report also pointed out that from the previous reports, Intel has simplified the initial 10 nanometer process in order to speed up the production of 10 nanometer process, which may lead to the advancement of the entire process, so Intel’s 10 nm will be available. Whether the process is originally intended to be used in the 10 nanometer process, or only the evolution of the 14 nanometer process, will not be known until the official launch.

The Intel official did not confirm this report. In terms of the Daiwa Securities report, the overall market performance, Daiwa Securities still believes that AMD’s performance will be seen before the first quarter of 2019, due to the smooth expansion of Intel’s 14nm, plus the smooth production of the 10nm process, followed by Intel’s market Advantages, AMD is still difficult to compete with. At the close of US stocks on the 3rd, AMD shares fell 2.03%, falling below the $30 mark and currently only $28.43. Intel shares rose 0.66 yuan to 48.76 yuan per share, up 1.33%.