The Iranian Tanker Tracked by the United States

The Adrian Daria-1 tanker, formerly Grace-1, appeared on the Strait of Gibraltar on August 17.

According to satellite images obtained by the Associated Press on Saturday, the Iranian tanker tracked by the United States seems to be appearing near the Syrian coast.

The tanker, called Adrian Daria-1, in the waters near Tartus, as Iran prepares to take further steps on Saturday to get rid of the nuclear deal reached in 2015 with world powers.

These two events have intensified tensions between Iran and the United States in recent months. In addition, during this time, tankers operating near the Strait of Hormuz in Iran were always attacked unidentified, plus Iran’s military reconnaissance drones and other incidents in the Middle East. The US issued a new warning on the potential threat of Yemen shipping on Saturday.

The tanker, Adrian Daria-1, formerly Grace-1, closed the automatic identification system later on Monday. People speculate that it will travel to Syria. Other Iranian tankers also closed the tracking signals in the area. Analysts say the crude oil will eventually be shipped to Syria to support the troubled President Bashar al-Assad government.

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