The Largest Hydrogen Manufacturing Plant in Korea Presented

According to the financial investment industry on the 18th, President Moon Jae-in presented Ulsan, the largest hydrogen manufacturing plant in Korea, on the previous day, attending the Hydrogen Economy Strategic Report and presented the hydrogen economy roadmap and presented the blueprint of the hydrogen economy society.

“The government’s commitment to the hydrogen economy is firm,” he said. “It is our goal to be number one in the world market share in hydrogen cars and fuel cells in 2030.”

Mr. Moon ‘s remarks suggest that the South Korean government has taken the strand to push the hydrogen car firmly. After the debate over whether the future car is a hydrogen car or an electric car, the government has finally come to the conclusion that the hydrogen car will take the lead.

“We will increase the number of hydrogen filling stations to 86 by 2015 and 310 by 2022.” He added, “The hydrogen economy will open us again.”

It is expected that the ‘hydrogen car theme’, which is currently sweeping the KOSDAQ, is expected to continue for the time being as President Moon expresses affection for hydrogen cars. Unlike other themes such as political theme parks, hydrogen cars are an attractive investment in the mid- to long-term while fostering industry through government-led initiatives.

In fact, the previous day in the KOSDAQ market, Unique recorded a ceiling.

This stock is exclusively supplied to Hyundai with hydrogen control module. The share price of the stock, which is called the hydrogen car capital stock among investors, has skyrocketed about 250% recently.

In addition, J-NK Heater, a hydrogen station builder, rose to the limit of the price the previous day, and hydrogen fuel companies such as Esfuelcell (23.04%), Sung Chang Autotech (13.10%), EM Korea (8.74%) and New Ross Showing a sharp rise.

“The development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is at the beginning stage, and a full-scale market development is expected around 2025.” Thus, the government’s policy will is positively evaluated, but the impact on the short- It will not be big. “

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